Chair of International Economic Policy

Chair IEP 2021
(And a more historical version ...)

Our research unit works on a range of issues related to international economic policy, using methods of applied empirical economics and linking macro policies and dynamics with micro data. Among others, we are interested in the effects of globalization, institutional change and conflict on socio-economic outcomes around the world.

We teach introductory macroeconomics (I and II) and selected courses at the bachelor level (alternating lectures on labor economics, international economic policy and urban economics). We teach labor economics as well as applied empirical courses at the master level (involving mainly paper reading and replication courses on empirical political economy, migration economics, trade and labor and other globally relevant policy issues).


We collaborate with the following research projects and research training groups:

Collaborative Research Centre 990: Ecological and Socioeconomic Functions of Tropical Lowland Rainforest Transformation Systems (Sumatra, Indonesia)
with the project
C10: Determinants of regional patterns of deforestation and land use in Indonesia

RTG 2654: Sustainable Food Systems

TVSEP: The Thailand-Vietnam Socio-Economic Panel