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Individual counselling during your studies

The Central Student Advisory Service offers counselling to any students currently studying at the University of Göttingen.

Questions of re-orientation, problems and crises that arise during studies can be discussed in a consultation session. Also questions on the selection of a specialisation, the additional use of studies offered outside your own subject, examination preparation, time management and working techniques are all topics that can be discussed. A look ahead at the transition from studying to the working world and working out strategies to help you orient yourself in an occupational field are also central topics of counselling during studies. Other common reasons for consultation are changing your course of study or the decision to discontinue studies. Together with an advisor, your current selected course of study and the progress of your studies will be analysed, alternative perspectives developed, formal aspects considered, and the process of making new decisions started.

A consultation takes approx. 20 – 60 minutes. Several consultations can be arranged for complex issues.