University entrance qualification (mandatory)

Type of Document: "University Entrance Qualification"

The university entrance qualification must be met in order to study at the University of Göttingen. You may consult the Anabin database directly to see if you meet the requirements for admission, as well as which documents must be submitted as proof of your qualification.

The following documents may qualify you for university entrance:

- Graduation documents (school-leaving certificate and transcript of grades)
- University entrance examinations
- Certificate of assessment ("Feststellungsprüfung" at the "Studienkolleg")
- Evidence of prior study periods
- Final degree (at a university or college)

If you are unsure as to which documents are required, please upload all school and university documents you have. Combine all documents into a single file when uploading.

If you do not have the required degree certificates by the application deadline, please apply with preliminary certifcates. The final processing of your application, as well as the invitation to the admission test at the Studienkolleg, if applicable, will occur only after you have submitted your final certificates.

A certified translation must be provided for all diplomas and certificates that are not in German, English or French.

As part of the application process, the International Student Office will evaluate your certificates and records to determine whether you qualify for university entrance. An evaluation fee of 65€ will be charged for this assessment.

If you do not directly qualify for university entrance, it may be possible to qualify by first attending a Studienkolleg. Please note that the application deadlines for the Studienkolleg differ from the deadlines for application to the unrestricted study programmes. If you are unsure as to whether you qualify for direct university admission or whether you must first attend the Studienkolleg, please follow the application deadlines for the Studienkolleg as a precaution.

All application documents must be uploaded via the upload portal of the University of Göttingen. Please do not send any documents by mail (post)!