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Mathematics (M.Ed.)

Course description

The degree programme Master of Education for teaching at secondary schools focuses on theories, methods and projects of empirical teaching and schooling research. In the area of developing subject-related specialised and didactic competence in the sub-subject of mathematics, the mathematical knowledge of students is strengthened and widened in a seminar and an advanced course of lectures. In addition, topics such as teaching and learning processes in mathematics and the preparation of diversified mathematical tasks for exercises, problem-solving and model calculations with the help of the mathematical abilities that have been acquired are dealt with in courses of specialised didactics and in the preparation and supervision of the mandatory school internship. In the relevant seminars, certain situations in the didactics of algebra, stochastics, analysis and geometry are covered in more detail.

Professional fields

The completion of this degree programme entitles graduates to enter the preparatory service to qualify for the teaching profession at secondary schools (university entrance qualification level).