Innovative, interactive learning and assessment module for commercial training personnel (InnoLA)

An adequate corporate implementation of sustainability requires a coordinated alignment of the entire company activities to the three target dimensions of economy, ecology and social issues. The consideration of sustainability at all levels of staff and decision-making at the company undoubtedly also applies to the field of training, which includes both staff and trainees.

The aim of the joint project "InnoLA" is the development, implementation and dissemination of a computer- and simulation-based learning and assessment module on sustainability action/trading in commercial occupations for the vocational training staff. The target group is the company training staff in the field of forwarding and logistics. Against the background of the corresponding occupation-related fields of action and business transactions, the learning and assessment module to be developed picks up on various topics of sustainability management at commercial workplaces. In particular, the goal conflicts, interactions and dilemmas between the three dimensions of sustainability are to be presented and made tangible and comprehensible in concrete decision situations for the vocational training staff and ultimately for the trainees.

The execution of the project is carried out in cooperation with the Chair of Business Pedagogy and Personnel Development, the Chair of Finance and Controlling and the Federal Institute of Vocational Training.

The Chair of Application Systems and E-Business is responsible for the technical conception and implementation of the project. Multimedia elements (such as video and audio files) are widely used to generate a realistic simulation.