Innovative Vocational Education for Sustainable Development (Inno-BBNE)

Project Duration: 01.04.2016 – 31.03.2019


Point of Departure and Goals
Studies show that consumers are reminding of the lack of decision-relevant information or the lacking processing of information regarding the sustainability of the products they are interested in (for example, knowing where fair products are available, what quality criteria mean). Consumers see providing this information as an obligation of the company.
Therefore, the focus of this project is on the so-called 'Point of Sale'. The aim is to further educate multipliers and training staff through the joint conception, development and testing of an innovative technology-based learning and working tool. At the same time, didactic approaches are developed with the help of which the competence of the trainees to design sustainable occupational action situations in retail can be promoted and supported.

The starting point is both knowledge components, professional actions and attitudes to sustainable professional action as well as their innovative self-directed implementation. These learning objectives and content for the development of a 'sustainable design competence' are translated into a pool of authentic episodes that depict typical sustainable retail situations and contain corresponding learning tasks. The implementation is technology-based, both via a platform and via mobile websites. This will allow the multipliers to prepare trainees for the 'Point of Sale'. At the same time, information and documents are also made available to the trainees during their real innovative sustainable work activities. In addition, the technology offers multipliers the opportunity to specifically initiate reflections and processes of formative assessment and to document learning outcomes.

Expected Results
The result is a technology-based learning and working tool with episodes for the promotion of innovative sustainable action in the retail sector (especially with the focus on the point of sale). Additionally, a training module for multipliers for the independent construction of such episodes is created. This contains didactic information regarding the use of the learning platform as well as tips on how multipliers can encourage and support trainees to conduct self-organized creative, sustainable sales talks in the workplace. Together with the documented learning and experience reports of the multipliers and trainees, an expansion of the learning platform as well as a transfer to other education and training programs is possible.

Professur für Anwendungssysteme und E-Business

In this project, the Chair of Application Systems and E-Business will realize in particular the implementation of the technology-based learning and working tool.

Chair of Application Systems and E-Business

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Prof. Dr. Weber)

Project Partners

  • Akademie Handel e.V.
  • Aufgabenstelle für kaufmännische Abschluss- und Zwischenprüfungen (AkA)
  • IHK München und Oberbayern
  • REWE Group
  • Städtische Berufsschule für den Einzelhandel Mitte
  • Zentralstelle für Berufsbildung im Handel e.V.