Dekanat der Theologischen Fakultät

Prof. Laube (Dekan)

Office-holder since 1st April 2023

Prof. Dr. Martin Laube

As Dean of the Faculty of Theology

Office hours of the Dean: according to agreement

Employees an of the Dean’s office:

Verena Slaby
Phone: (+49)551/39-26276
Room: 0.130
General matters of the Dean’s office, doctoral and
postdoctoral studies

Employees an of the Student Dean’s office:

Dr. Frank Schleritt  (140px)
Dr. Frank Schleritt
Phone: (+49)551/39-27110
Room: 0.128
course guidance, Assistant
personal Homepage

Daniela Barton
Daniela Barton
Phone: (+49)551/39-27173
Room: 0.122
Examinations Office [German]
Nicole Dörjer
Nicole Dörjer
Phone: (+49)551/39-27128
Room: 0.110
teaching assigment, UniVZ, Stud.IP