a brief guided tour

The basement
In the basement there are two lecture halls, -1.110 and -1.113. Besides, clothes and bags can be kept in the lockers which are placed here at students’ disposal and which can be rented against pledge (provisionally for a sum of €30 paid at the library supervising board, room 1.102).

The ground floor
The Dean’s office and the Examination office (rooms 0.128/0.130 and 0.122) is to be found on the ground floor. You can contact the Dean’s office for the following issues:

  • The curriculum,
  • Study guides for theologians and Religion pedagogues,
  • Examination regulations and leaflets concerning the intermediate examination for theologians and Religion pedagogues,
  • Matters regarding the student financial aid programme (BAföG), especially related to the Form 5 (certificate according to §48 on adequate and orderly studies),
  • Examinations counselling, including acknowledgement of certificates and credits,
  • Information on changing the studying place and the discipline, and on additional leave for examinations.

Besides, on the ground floor there are also the Student Body (room 0.116), the section for the students pursuing teaching certification (0.116), notice boards for all kind of information (e.g. range of courses), some offices of lecturers and assistants, as well as rooms for seminars and tutorials (from 0.132 to 0.136). On this floor you can also find the Cafeteria, which provides with drinks, sandwiches, fruits and chocolate and which places at its guests’ disposal sufficient seats inside (near the counter) or outside, in the faculty yard (during the summer).

Theologische Fakultät - Innenhof 2016

The first floor
Here you can find the library of the Associated Theological Seminars. A free of charge user-card acquired from the library supervising board is necessary for the access to the library. The library of the Associated Theological Seminars is a reference library. However, it is possible to keep books over the weekend, while books from the “Students’ library” collection (having a red tape stuck above the signature and being inventoried within the whole collection of the library) could also be borrowed. The library rules are to be observed for all users’ sake. For further information the library employees and supervisors will be pleased to assist you. More lockers are also to be found at the entrance of the library, where bags could be left. Printing, copying and scanning facilities are available within the library.

The second floor
Most of the offices of professors, assistants and employees are on the second floor. A survey of the rooms in the faculty is given by the board at the main entrance.