Application procedures for applicants who are citizens of non-EU/EEA states or stateless persons - only for placement in higher semester, restricted admission programmes (Bachelor's, state examination

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Application deadline
Winter semester (beginning of studies in October): 1 June until 15 July
Summer semester (beginning of studies in April): 1 December until 15 January

Please make digital copies of the following documents. You will have to upload them via our online portal. Please make sure to select the correct type of document in our upload portal:

Mandatory application documents
University entrance qualification
Proof of german language proficiency
Proof of accreditation of your previous academic performances
Parental confirmation of consent (if applicant is younger than 18 years)

Recommended application documents
Evidence of Application fee payment (if paid by transfer)

Please do not send these documents by mail (post)!

Online registration
Please enter the requested information, including your contact details and your email address, and create an individual password. You will then receive your personal access information as well as information about the application process by email.
During the course of the application and admission process, we will keep you informed of the status via email. Please check your spam folder regularly during this time.

Online Registration
The application deadline has expired. Online Registration will be available again 01 June.

Online Registration
The application deadline has expired. Online Registration will be available again 01 December.

Application portal
Please fill out the online application form. Please note that you can only apply for one limited admission programme per semester. However, if you choose a limited admission programme as your second wish, it will be deleted during processing without further consultation. For applicants younger than 18, a button will appear at the bottom of the form to print out a consent form for your parents. Please have the form signed by your parents, and then upload a scan of the signed document to the upload portal.

Upload of mandatory application documents to the upload portal
Please make sure to select the correct type of document in our upload portal.

Evaluation fee
The University of Göttingen imposes a fee for the review of university entrance entitlement (e.g. school diplomas) to the amount of 65 Euro. Unless exempted, pay the evaluation fee by bank transfer by the end of the application deadline at the latest. You will receive the evaluation of your certificates with your final notification.

Admission / rejection
After the end of the application deadline we will begin with our selection process. You will receive updates and information on your status from October (winter semester) or from April (sommer semester) at the earliest. We can begin to reallocate new placements only shortly before the start of a new semester.

Questions? Questions!
Application FAQ
Disclaimer: The University of Göttingen would like to emphasize that only the information that is provided via the official University channels (including print media, the website, official social media channels, and direct contact via email and by telephone) is valid with regard to the course offerings, the application process and the admission procedure. The University does not cooperate in any form with commercial university applications agencies either at home or abroad.