Grußwort der Kultusministerin von Niedersachsen, Frauke Heiligenstadt

Dear visitors of the WoCaNet-Symposium,
women in Germany have received a lot on their way towards equality: in 1919 women have fought for an active and passive voting right. Until 1962 women needed the approval of their husbands to open up their own bank accounts. And until 1977 they needed the approval of their husbands to have a job. Luckily today this belongs to history and is unimaginable.
Despite of these big achievements it is still a long way towards full equality. Shapes of discrimination - where they still persist - are often subtle and less obvious than they used to be. Therefore it is possibly harder to fight them. Alongside discriminations still exist in terms of the filling of jobs, when it comes to equal payment or the different allocation of paid and unpaid jobs between women and men.
It is our task to fight further for the equality of women and men. Our children and youths have to learn right from the beginning that women and men are equal. This can be done in kindergarten, in school and within their own families.
In my eyes it is important that we stand up for our goals together. Only together we will be successful. That is the reason why offers such as the WoCaNet-Symposium are so important. Take the chance to socialize, to network, to exchange ideas, to profit from experiences made by others and to support each other!
In the end I would like to wish you good discussions as well as an interesting exchange among each other!

Frauke Heiligenstadt