Dr. Thomas Guillaume was doctoral researcher in EFForTS. He completed his studies in November 2015.

He will continue to collaborate with A04 (and other subprojects) in Phase 2 of CRC-990 (2016-2019):
-Evaluation and publishing of data collected during phase 1
-Supervising the PhD student of A04 of the second phase: field trips, sampling, sample analysis, publications.

He is still actively working to quantify impacts of oil palm plantations on carbon and nutrients cycles with a strong focus on soil functioning. Nonetheless, the other project in which he his involved, the OPAL project, aims at exploring alternative scenarios for oil palm development. In this respect, he his investigating impacts of oil palm plantations established on savanna grasslands or pastures in Colombia, allowing comparisons of the different land-use trajectories investigated by the EFForTS and OPAL projects.
Thanks to his position at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne and the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research in Switzerland, he is also involved on researches assessing climate change impacts on plant communities and soil functioning in lowland and alpine grasslands in temperate regions.

More details about his work and publications see here