Package of modules: Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies is the science of Judaism in all its forms. Consequently, questions and methods of this discipline are as diverse as the appearances of Judaism themselves. According to personal interest, students can focus on literary studies, historical, theological or other questions. It is due to the major importance of Judaism on the occidental culture that a various number of university disciplines have a "Jewish dimension".

At the University of Göttingen it is possible for students of Bachelor and Master programmes to gain Judaic knowledge and competencies. In the professionalization area the package of modules "Jewish Studies" (18 credit points) is combinable with a variety of other subjects of the two-subject bachelor´s degree programme. It corresponds with a same-titled package of modules (18 credit points) for master´s degree programmes that are offered by the Faculty of Humanities. The teaching language is German.

Within the bachelor´s degree programme, students complete the following three modules: "Modern Hebrew II", "Jewish Literature and Interpretation of Scripture" as well as "Jewish Culture and History". Admission requirements comprise basic knowledge of Modern Hebrew, which can be acquired by completing the key competency module "Modern Hebrew I".

In the framework of the master´s degree programme, students attend lectures and courses concerning Jewish theology and ethics as well as Jewish mysticism and liturgy. Admission requirements comprise basic knowledge of Hebrew and achievements of basic Jewish Studies.

The package of modules does not aim at a specific profession. However, students can profit from it in a vast field of possible occupations, e.g. in museums, libraries and archives, in media, publishing and information, in the field of social service, in consulting and diplomatic service.

Person of contact: Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Becker