The job and career fair of the University of Göttingen


Each year several thousand highly educated and highly motivated graduates leave our university. The job and career fair "PraxisBörse" is the ideal environment to get to know company representatives and young professionals - also in virtual space.

National, international and local exhibitors were represented at the fair. Students were able to get in touch with the booth staff via chat and video conferencing tools. Visitors could discover videos, texts and links on the virtual exhibition stands. The job wall, on which all vacancies were linked, offered everything from entry-level jobs, internships or a working student positions. As every year, company representatives boosted students´ knowledge by holding talks about career opportunities and application processes.

What was different?

With around 1,200 registered visitors, the University of Göttingen's first virtual PraxisBörse took place on June 10, 2020!

Instead of the usual hustle and bustle of the trade fair and the buzz of voices, the keyboards clattered and the chat notifications sounded last year. The talks were more than twice as well attended as in previous years. Communication in the virtual space also worked well, albeit a little more hesitantly than usual. Companies that have already gained experience at the PraxisBörse stated that they had fewer personal conversations, while students told us that they prepared particularly well this year in advance. There was a lot to explore at the virtual booths - perhaps one reason why fewer questions were asked. However, many companies expect promising applications after the fair.

For the organization team and the exhibitors in particular, the virtual PraxisBörse was a dip in the deep end. We decided at short notice not to skip the job and career fair - and that meant a lot of work in a short time. The organization team provided the exhibition stands with information, wrote codes for the job wall, trained HR managers for the chats, moved the talks to the virtual lecture hall and managed the PraxisBörse live. But the meticulous preparatory work has paid off. "The actual day of the PraxisBörse has never been more relaxed", says Claudia Kohrell, the project manager of the PraxisBörse. There were no breakdowns, everything went smoothly. In the end, there was still time and leisure to toast together via Zoom.

We would like to thank our sponsors and exhibitors with whom we organized the first virtual event!

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Feedback from our visitors

"I was stuck other side of the world due to the pandemic still made it to the PraxisBörse. This should be continued in future as well. More people will have easy access to the information."

"PraxisBörse is the ideal event to get in touch with company representatives and better understand their expectations. I strongly recommend this career fair to everyone interested to find job opportunities or just willing to practice interacting with industry professionals."

Selection of Lectures at the PraxisBörse 2020

We recorded some of the talks held in German. Have fun browsing and take advantage of this opportunity in case you missed out!