Dr. Markus Osterhoff

A selection of Topics and Projects

Multilayer Zone Plate Imaging

MZP Imaging

Within the SFB 755 (Project C12), we develop new X-ray imaging techniques using Multilayer Zone Plates …

Heinzelmännchen Cluster

Heinzelmännchen Cluster: Thumb

A closeup of one Heinzelmännchen 19" rack drawer, used as a dedicated cluster for X-ray scanning nano-SAXS data analysis. Using modern EigerX 4M detectors by Dectris, hundreds of Gigabytes of data can be collected at Synchrotron Radiation Sources within a few minutes; a parallel anaylsis of such large datasets depends on fast analysis hardware and flexible software …

GINIX Instrument @ DESY


The AG Salditt operates the Göttingen Instrument for Nano-Imaging with X-Rays at the PETRA III synchrotron radiation source, DESY Hamburg.

Older Topics

Partial Coherence / Coherence Filtering by X-Ray Waveguides

Takagi-Taupin Theory for Elliptically Curved Multilayer Mirrors


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