Kwabena Abrefa Nketia, M.Phil

PhD candidate

PhD Thesis
Space-time modelling of seasonal soil moisture in the savanna regions of Ghana

Floods and droughts coupled with soil degradation and decline in fertility impacts crop productivity. Consequently, a decline in crop yields and most importantly short falls due to water-limited yield potentials. This study further contribute to addressing these challenges through its overarching objective in adapting and developing a spatio-temporal soil-moisture prediction model that adequately generates root-zone moisture information of soils in the savanna regions of Ghana. This model will allow for putting appropriate management interventions in place to curtail the adverse effect of drought and yield losses. The research involves the use of synthetic aperture radar images, land surface and hydrological models, and field experimentation to estimate root-zone soil moisture.

Research Interests

  • Pedology
  • GIS & Remote sensing
  • Statistical modelling of spatial and temporal patterns
  • Data management