Doctoral Students Representation

The tasks and organisation of the doctoral student representatives are largely determined by three regulations and legal texts, which are translated below:

  • §9 NHG (Niedersächsisches Hochschulgesetz) [in German]:

    (4) 1The accepted doctoral candidates elect the members of a doctoral students representation. 2The university shall regulate the details of the election of the doctoral students representative committee in a regulation.3The doctoral student representative committee advises on the questions concerning the doctoral students and makes recommendations to the university bodies. 4The Faculty Council must give the doctoral student representatives the opportunity to comment on drafts of doctoral regulations. 5As a rule, a member of the doctoral students representation participates in an advisory capacity in the meetings of the Senate and the Faculty Council.

  • §19 GO (Basic Regulations of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen) [in German]:

    1The doctoral student council advises on questions concerning doctoral students and makes recommendations to the university bodies. 2The details regulate order, in particular composition, choice and tasks.3The interests of the Faculty of Medicine are to be taken into account appropriately.

  • Regulation of the Doctoral Student Representation (PromV-O) [in German] .

Further legal texts of the university can be found here [in German].