Jonathan Jürgensen

Room 5.142
Phone: +49 551 39 28319

Research Interests

My PhD focuses on oxidative ratios (OR) of various terrestrial ecosystems in Germany and different biomes across the globe, including Indonesia, to understand the effect of seasons, land-use change and many more environmental factors on OR.
Through the elemental analysis of the chemical elements carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen of the organic matter, I calculate the oxidative ratio (see e.g., Worrall et al. (2013), Biogeochemistry 115: 23-32 and Masiello et al. (2008), Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences 113: G3, G03010), which is the amount of carbon dioxide sequestered in the terrestrial biosphere for each mol of oxygen produced and indicates the O2 production efficiency and thus can be a tool to determine the carbon sink ability of ecosystems.
The results will be connected to past, present and future flux measurements.

Climate Change, Biodiversity, Biochemical Cycles, Conservation Biology, Evolution, Ecology, Tropical Ecology, Palaeoecology, Stable Isotopes, Vertebrates