P1: CARMENES Spectroscopy

CARMENES is providing high-quality spectra between 550-1750nm. For their calibration Th-Ne, U-Ne and U-Ar hollow cathode lamps and Fabry-Pérot etalons are being used. For the calculation of RVs software already exists.


  • Optimization of data reduction in the spectral range of VIS and NIR.
  • Development of new methods for wavelength calibration of spectra.
  • Improvement of algorithms to determine radial velocities up to 1m/s precision.
  • General optimization of the survey's quality along with its assurance.

Project Outline:

  • For optimization of data reduction we are working on producing a consistent data set from CARMENES observations.
  • Working on better codes for RV calculation.
  • New methods for wavelength-calibration including telluric correction, non-linearity correction, slicer format extraction and an end-to-end spectrograph model are being worked on.
  • Data quality is being analysed by checking the instrumental health, environmental data and the spectral quality.