P5: Radial Velocity Planet Search


  • Finding all Exoplanets in the CARMENES sample
  • Accurately characterizing and deriving orbital parameters and errors
  • Investigation of exoplanetary systems around M-dwarf stars and comparison to higher mass star's systems
  • Analysis of connection between planetary characteristics and host star parameters

Project Outline:

  • Using multiple tools (DFT, Periodogram, ...) we extract periodic signals from CARMENES VIS and NIR. The results are being used for the modification of the observation strategy.
  • Results from P2, P3 and P6 are being used to determine the nature of signals, activity and planets and help for filtering out the activity signal (P2).
  • Using the results from P4 we will correlate the planet characteristics with the properties of the host star.
  • We will determine the architecture of exoplanet systems and provide accurate orbital parameters to project P6.