Talks 2018

RTG Colloquium

  • Tuesday, 18 December 2018, 17:15
    Prof. Gabor Pataki
    University of North Carolina

    Topic: "Understanding pathological semidefinite programs: how elementary row operations help"
    Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
    • Wednesday, 05 December 2018, 11:15
      Prof. Dr. Zhigang Yao
      National University of Singapore

      Topic: "Principal Sub-manifolds and Classification on Manifolds"
      Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
      • Tuesday, 04 December 2018, 17:15
        Dr. Maxence Cassier
        Institute Fresnel (Marseille)

        Topic: "Imaging small polarizable scatterers with polarization data"
        Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
        • Wednesday, 21 November 2018, 11:15
          Prof. Dr. Tim Sullivan
          Freie Universität Berlin/Zuse-Institut Berlin (ZIB)

          Topic: "Bayesian Probabilistic Numerical Methods"
          Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
          • Wednesday, 21 November 2018, 16:15
            Prof. Dr. Sven Müller
            University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe

            Topic: "A pilgrim scheduling approach to increase public safety during the great pilgrimage to Makkah; Saudi Arabi"
            Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
            • Wednesday, 14 November 2018, 11:15
              Prof. Dr. Steffen Dereich
              Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster

              Topic: "Quantization: an overview"
              Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
              • Tuesday, 13 November 2018, 17:15
                Prof. Dr. Felix Krahmer
                Technische Universität München

                Topic: "Blind deconvolution with randomness – convex geometry and algorithmic approaches"
                Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
                • Wednesday, 24 October 2018, 11:15
                  Prof. Dr. Andrew B. Nobel
                  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

                  Topic: "Variational Analysis of Empirical Risk Minimization"
                  Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
                  • Friday, 19 October 2018, 14:15
                    Prof. Dr. Jeffrey S. Morris
                    University of Texas

                    Topic: "Bayesian regression models for complex spatially or serially correlated functional data"
                    Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
                    • Tuesday, 10 July 2018, 17:15
                      Prof. Guoyin Li
                      Universiy of New South Wales (Australien)

                      Topic: "Some Recent Advances in Polynomial Optimization"
                      Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
                      • Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 17:15
                        Prof. Janosch Rieger
                        Monash University (Australien)

                        Topic: "A Galerkin-type approach to shape optimisation in the space of convex sets"
                        Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
                        • Wednesday, 20 June 2018, 11:15
                          Dr. Anthony Lee
                          University of Bristol

                          Topic: "Particle filters and variance estimation"
                          Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
                          • Tuesday, 19 June 2018, 17:15
                            Prof. Dr. Bernhard Beckermann
                            Universität Lille (France)

                            Topic: "Low-rank updates of matrix functions"
                            Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
                            • Tuesday, 12 June 2018, 17:15
                              Dr. Jens Flemming
                              Technische Universität Chemnitz

                              Topic: "Sparsity promoting regularization without sparsity"
                              Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
                              • Tuesday, 05 June 2018, 17:15
                                Dr. Michael Bussieck
                                GAMS Development Corporation Braunschweig

                                Topic: "Model-based Optimization"
                                Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
                                • Tuesday, 22 May 2018, 17:15
                                  Dr. Matthew Tam
                                  Universität Göttingen

                                  Topic: "Iterative algorithms for feasibility problems"
                                  Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
                                  • Thursday, 17 May 2018, 13:00
                                    Dr. Rahul Roy
                                    Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi

                                    Topic: "On confetti percolation"
                                    Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
                                    • Wednesday, 16 May 2018, 11:15
                                      Dr. Franz J. Király
                                      University College London

                                      Topic: "Probabilistic supervised learning, uncertainty prediction, and predictive inference"
                                      Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
                                      • Tuesday, 08 May 2018, 17:15
                                        Prof. Dr. Rainer Kress (em.)
                                        University of Göttingen

                                        Topic: "Some Old and Some New Results in Inverse Obstacle Scattering"
                                        Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
                                        • Wedneday, 25 April 2018, 10:15
                                          Dr. Bo Lin
                                          Institut Mittag-Leffler, Schweden

                                          Topic: "The geometry of phylogenetic tree spaces"
                                          Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
                                          • Tuesday, 17 April 2018, 17:15
                                            Dr. Wen-Shin Lee
                                            University of Antwerpen

                                            Topic: "Identification problems in exponential analysis"
                                            Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
                                            • Friday, 13 April 2018, 13:15 (change of time!)
                                              Dr. Paul Joubert (IMS-Alumni)

                                              Topic: "Working as a data scientist in industry"
                                              Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
                                              • Tuesday, 27 February 2018, 17:15
                                                Prof. Pierre Maréchal
                                                Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse)

                                                Topic: "'On the mollification approach to inverse problems"
                                                Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
                                                • Wednesday, 07 February 2018, 11:15
                                                  Dr. Peter Mathé
                                                  WIAS Berlin

                                                  Topic: "Complexity of linear ill-posed problems in Hilbert space"
                                                  Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
                                                  • Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 11:15
                                                    Prof. Dr. Simone Padoan
                                                    Bocconi University

                                                    Topic: "Nonparametric Estimation of the Pickands Dependence Function: Asymptotic Dependence and Independence Cases"
                                                    Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
                                                    • Tuesday, 30 January 2018, 17:15
                                                      Prof. Genaro Lopez
                                                      Universität Sevilla

                                                      Topic: "'LION-MAN' AND THE FIXED POINT PROPERTY"
                                                      Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)
                                                      • Wednesday, 24 January 2018, 11:15
                                                        Prof. Wilfrid S. Kendall
                                                        University of Warwick

                                                        Topic: "A Dirichlet Form approach to MCMC Optimal Scaling"
                                                        Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
                                                        • Wednesday, 17 January 2018, 11:15
                                                          Dr. Fabian Telschow
                                                          UC San Diego

                                                          Topic: "On Confidence Bands in Functional data - The Bootstrap or Gaussian Kinematic formula?"
                                                          Place: IMS-SR (5.101)
                                                          • Tuesday, 16 January 2018, 17:15
                                                            Prof. Dr. André Uschmajew
                                                            Universität Bonn

                                                            Topic: "Rank truncated iterations and best rank-one approximation ratio in tensor spaces"
                                                            Place: NAM-SR (MN 55)

                                                            Lecture Series

                                                            • "Beyond classical Exponential Analysis: Generalizations, Connections and Applications."
                                                              Prof. Dr. Annie Cuyt
                                                              Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium
                                                              When and Where?
                                                              Mon, 26.11.2018; 14:00-15:00 p.m.; NAM-SR (MN 55)
                                                              Wed, 28.11.2018; 16:00-17:00 p.m.; NAM-SR (MN 55)
                                                              Thu, 29.11.2018; 16:00-17:00 p.m.; NAM-SR (MN 55)
                                                            "Frames and phase retrieval"
                                                            Prof. Rima Alaifari
                                                            ETH Zürich
                                                            When and Where?
                                                            Tue, 28.08.2018; 10:00-11:00 p.m.; NAM-SR (MN 55)
                                                            Wed, 29.08.2018; 10:00-11:00 p.m.; NAM-SR (MN 55)
                                                            In the first part of this short course we discuss the concept of frames for Hilbert spaces and the advantages of these more flexible systems compared to bases. As the most prominent examples, we introduce Gabor frames and wavelet frames. The second part of the course focuses on the question of phase retrieval that can be formulated as retrieving a signal from the magnitudes of its frame coefficients. Naturally, the questions of uniqueness and stability arise and will be discussed in the real valued and in the complex valued setting.
                                                          • "Mathematics of Deep Learning with an Emphasis on Inverse Problems"
                                                            Prof. Ozan Öktem & Jonas Adler
                                                            KTH Stockholm, Sweden
                                                            When and Where?
                                                            Wed, 11.04.2018; 13:00-14:00 p.m.; MPI Solar Systems Research, Auditorium (room change!!!)
                                                            Wed, 18.04.2018; 13:00-14:00 p.m.; MPI Solar Systems Research, Auditorium (room change!!!)
                                                            Thu, 19.04.2018; 13:00-14:00 p.m.; NAM MN67 (lecture hall, ground floor) (room change!!!)
                                                            Tue, 24.04.2018; 13:00-18:00 p.m.; NAM Seminarraum-2 (NAM-2, first floor, room 1.107)(room change!!!)
                                                            Wed, 25.04.2018; 13:00-18:00 p.m.; NAM Seminarraum-2 (NAM-2, first floor, room 1.107)(room change!!!)
                                                            Slides for LS 1
                                                            Slides for LS 2
                                                            Slides for LS 3