Economics / Social Sciences / Law

You can find all the IWL workshops here.
If there is no English title for the course, the teaching language is usually German.

For students of Economics, Social Sciences and Law we particularly recommend the following workshops:

Akademisches Schreiben in den Rechtswissenschaften im mehrsprachigen Kontext
Academic Writing in Law Studies in Multilingual Contexts. Modul SK.IKG-ISZ.45

KI-Schreibwerkstatt: Künstliche Intelligenz intelligent fürs Lesen, Schreiben und Überarbeiten nutzen. Module SK.IKG-ISZ.03; SK.IKG-ISZ.04

Eigene Texte schlüssig aufbauen: Wie geht akademisches Argumentieren?
Modul SK.IKG-ISZ.38

Vom Lesen zum Schreiben akademischer Texte
From Reading to Writing Academic Texts
Modules SK.IKG-ISZ.02; SK.IKG-ISZ.03

Akademische Schreibpartnerschaften deutsch-international
Academic writing partnerships (InDiGU-Zertifikat Internationales)
Modul SK.IKG-ISZ.13

Essays schreiben
Modul SK.IKG-ISZ.57

You can of course participate in all IWL Workshops.

You can get credits in the key competences for almost all our modules. To do so, you have to attend the workshop regularly and hand in a portfolio at the end. Please contact the examination office of your faculty or refer to your study or examination regulations (Modul-VZ) for information on how credits are recognised.
Please note that credits for our workshops are unfortunately not currently recognised by the Faculty of Economics.