In the workshops, you will learn writing strategies, text types, and much more!

Who can participate in the Writing Lab workshops?

The ISL workshops are for free and open to all students at the University of Göttingen.

In the MultiConText workshops and in the academic writing partnerships, the teaching languages are German and/or English. In the other workshops, the language of instruction is German (language level at least B2).

How can I register for a workshop?

Please register via StudIP. If you want to take an exam, you must also register in Flexnow.

Important: In Flexnow you have to register for workshops in the winter semester between October 1st and March 31st, for the summer semester between April 1st and September 30th.

I cannot register in Flexnow for a workshop that I attended at the Writing Lab. Who can help me?

If you have difficulties registering in Flexnow, please contact the Examinations Office of the Faculty of Humanities.

Can I get credits for the workshops at the Writing Lab?

You can earn credits in the key competencies study section for almost all ISL workshops if your faculty or your degree programme allows it. Please ask your faculty's examination office whether you can have the workshops credited.

Please note that credits for our workshops are currently not accepted from the Faculty of Business and Economics.

What kind of exam do I have to take in the workshops?

You must attend regularly and submit a portfolio. During the workshop, the course instructor explains what the portfolio should contain.

Does the International Writing Lab offer workshops on academic writing in English?

The ISL focuses on writing in multilingual contexts. This means: In our courses we address for example how you deal with writing in a language different from the one in which you are reading texts or are taking notes. This applies in particular to our MultiConText programme. This also means: In general, attending our courses makes sense, regardless of whether you are writing in German, English or another language. Our courses are not language courses, instead the focus is on writing. Courses where e.g. the English language is the main focus can be found at the Central Institution for Languages and Key Qualifications (ZESS).

Are the Writing Lab courses offered every semester?

We try to offer the courses every semester. Whether that works depends primarily on the financing.

Are there special courses for non-native speakers of German?

No, we do not offer courses that are specifically aimed only at non-native speakers or native speakers. The concept of the International Writing Lab provides that first-, second- and foreign-language students learn with each other and from each other in our courses.

In which language are the MultiConText workshops taught?

In the MultiConText workshops, the teaching languages are German and/or English. Depending on which language skills the participants have, both languages are used as the main working languages or one of them. All other languages that the participants bring with them can and should be included in the workshops. The working materials for the workshops are always in German and English, so that each participant can choose which language version he or she would like to work with.

In which language is the module examination for the MultiConText workshops taken?

The module examination (usually a portfolio, see module directory) can be taken in German or English, in consultation with the workshop instructor also in other languages. The portfolio tasks are given in both German and English.

In which language do the individual writing consultations take place in the context of MultiConText?

The writing consultations take place in German, English or in other languages. If you would like to use a language other than German or English in the consultation, please ask via email.

We can talk about your writing process and your text in individual writing consultations, regardless of the language in which you have to submit your text.

Who can take part in the MultiConText workshops and the writing consultations as part of MultiConText programme?

The MultiConText programme is aimed at multilingual students from all faculties. For example, if you study in a foreign language in whole or in part, use literature in different languages for your academic texts or bring several languages with you based on your biography, the MultiConText offer may be of interest to you.

General information on workshops at the International Writing Lab

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