Bachelor theses

Below you find a list of suggested topics for bachelor theses. All topics refer to current empirical literature in economics and require students to read, replicate, and discuss empirical papers (in the area of expertise of our team members). If you have a very specific topic in mind and are convinced that our team would be the best fit for supervising it, do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Monitoring Corruption: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Indonesia
    Olken (2007)
    Betreuer: Anna Gasten

  • Electoral Accountability and Corruption: Evidence from the Audits of Local Governments
    Ferraz & Finan (2011)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros

  • The Political Resource Curse
    Brollo et al. (2013)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros


  • Immigrants and the making of America
    Sequeira, Nunn & Qian (2020)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • Temperature Shocks and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Last Half Century
    Dell, Jones & Olken (2012)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • Building Nations through Shared Experiences: Evidence from African Football
    Depetris-Chauvin et al. (2020)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros


  • Intrahousehold Consumption Allocation and Demand for Agency: A Triple Experimental Investigation
    Afzal et al. (2018)
    Betreuer: Anna Gasten

  • Does the Election of a Female Leader Clear the Way for More Women in Politics?
    Baskaran & Hessami (2018)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros

  • The Power of Political Voice: Women's Political Representation and Crime in India
    Iyer et al. (2012)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros


  • Time versus State in Insurance: Experimental Evidence from Contract Farming in Kenya
    Casaburi & Willis (2018)
    Betreuer: Anna Gasten

Political Economy

  • Ethnic Diversity in Government and the Provision of Public Goods
    Beach & Jones (2017)
    Betreuer: Anna Gasten

  • The Economic Origins of Conflict in Africa
    McGuirk & Burke (2020)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • The Non-Democratic Roots of Elite Capture: Evidence from Soeharto Mayors in Indonesia
    Martinez-Bravo, Mukherjee & Stegmann (2017)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • The Political Boundaries of Ethnic Divisions
    Bazzi & Gudgeon (2021)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • The Violent Consequences of Trade-Induced Worker Displacement in Mexico
    Dell et al. (2015)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • Trafficking Networks and the Mexican Drug War
    Dell (2015)
    Betreuer: Tobias Hellmundt

  • The Local Political Economy Effects of School Construction in Indonesia
    Martinez-Bravo (2017)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros

  • Money and Politics: The Effects of Campaign Spending Limits on Political Entry and Competition
    Avis et al. (2022)
    Betreuer: Laura Barros


  • Moving to Opportunity or Isolation? Network Effects of a Randomized Housing Lottery in Urban India
    Barnhardt, Field & Pande (2017)
    Betreuer: Anna Gasten