PT. Humusindo Makmur Sejati

Summary information
PT. Humusindo is a privately held oil palm plantation company established in 1997. The plantation is located in Bungku Village Bajubang, Batanghari Regency, Province of Jambi, Indonesia. The plantation is managed by Mr. Hendro (executive director).

Collaboration with EFForTS
A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between the University of Jambi (UNJA) on behalf of the Indonesian University Consortium of EFForTS and PT. Humusindo has been extended on March 3, 2021 until December 2023. A first technical Agreement between the Indonesian University Consortium of EFForTS and PT. Humusindo was signed on June 14, 2013.

Joint Research activities
The B11 - Biodiversity enrichment experiment in oil palm plantations (EFForTS-BEE) was established at PT. Humusindo in December 2013.

The transformation of rainforest into large-scale mono-cultural oil palm plantations has led to dramatic losses in biodiversity and in ecological functioning. To alleviate negative ecological impacts in existing plantations, designer plantation landscapes have been proposed, in which agroforestry zones are considered to have a positive impact on biodiversity. However, there is no experience with or evaluation of such systems mixing native trees with oil palms. To fill this gap, a long-term biodiversity enrichment experiment by planting tree islands in an oil palm landscape was initiated in December 2013.