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The Colours of Göttingen University

Göttingen University has its own colour called “Plain Dark Blue HKS 41”. This colour can be found, for example, on the University‘s website or in the four-colour version of the logo. The light blue colour, which can also be found in the logo, is a halftone variant and is derived from the plain dark blue.

When designing flyers, posters or brochures, the plain dark blue, i.e. the colour HKS 41, is not used universally, but it also constitutes a consistently recurring recognition feature.

In addition to the primary colour of dark blue, several shades of blue, grey, black, white and chamois are available as secondary colours.

Defined colour values

Definierte Farbwerte Universitätsfarben

Faculty colours

The colour palette used for the University is extended by the colours of its thirteen faculties, each of which has been assigned its own colour. These faculty colours are used consistently on the faculties' websites and can also be used by the faculties for the design of flyers, posters or brochures as a supplement to the university's colour scheme.

Defined colour values

Definierte Farbwerte der Faultätsfarben