Reimbursement of accommodation/travel costs

In order to receive a full reimbursement for your accommodation and travel expenses, please take into account the following set of rules:

  • allowed means of transportation

    • train (2nd class tickets only)
    • plane (economy tickets only)
    • general public inner-city transportation (e.g., bus)
    • private vehicle (with a default value of 0.20€/km). In case of an accident, claims for damages are excluded.
    • taxi rides can only be refunded, if a reason in terms of the NRKVO (travel expanse regulation of Lower Saxony) is provided and should therefore be authorised beforehand

  • hotel accommodation up to a maximum of 100 €/day plus breakfast
  • no daily allowance
  • If a plane travel within Germany takes place or you intend to make use of a private vehicle, please request authorisation beforehand.

Also take into account that

  • in the case of external students, a cost estimate should be delivered in written form to the University following our invitation
  • a reimbursement can only take place if you deliver the original receipts and tickets. Please keep your boarding pass, hotel receipts, and all other documents pertaining to your travel!
  • Send receipts/tickets and completed reimbursement form as soon as you return back home.
  • Provide a bank statement to prove that you paid for the travel costs, in case that is not clear in the receipt or some rate of exchange must be calculated.
  • In case you incur in further expenses (not listed here) please inform us prior to your arrival.