Forum Wissen

The Forum Wissen (Knowledge Forum) will be an interface between academia and society. Here it will be conveyed to a broad audience how knowledge is created. The museum will unite the activities "collecting, preserving, developing", "researching and teaching" and "showing and imparting", which will be connected institutionally and spatially under one roof. At the Forum Wissen, research and teaching will be carried out on and with objects; collections will be catalogued/developed, digitised and restored. Visitors will gain insights into current research and teaching. The Forum Wissen will thus simultaneously fulfil university and public tasks by creating the setting and providing the impetus to use the academic collections of the University of Göttingen for interdisciplinary research and teaching as well as for science communication.

Centre for Collection Development

The Centre for Collection Development is responsible for promoting the use of the academic collections in research and teaching as well as for the external presentation of the University.

Forum Wissen Blog

The Forum Wissen Blog provides information about current news around the topic Forum Wissen. From laying the foundation stone to the "bespectacled ambassadors" to Coptic fabrics: Here is something for every taste!

Förderkreis Forum Wissen Göttingen e.V. (Society for the Promotion of the Academic Museum Forum Wissen)

Visionaries wanted! Become a member of the Förderkreis Forum Wissen and be at the forefront when a unique academic museum is created in Göttingen. Exclusive insights and a lively exchange are included. Further information can be found here.