Sjef Barbiers

Syntactic doubling and deletion continued

In previous work (e.g., Barbiers 1995, 2013, 2014) I have argued that syntactic doubling and deletion is a main source of syntactic variation. On the one hand, the mapping of lexical properties to LF predication representations requires doubling in the syntactic component, while on the other hand there is a strong force at PF to avoid local redundancy, leading to PF-deletion that makes the underlying doubling invisible. This approach was shown to successfully account, among others, for patterns of focus particle doubling and negative concord in varieties of Dutch. In this talk I provide further support for this approach from the domain of subject pronoun doubling. I observe that subject pronoun doubling in varieties of Dutch correlates with the loss of verbal inflection. Both subject pronoun doubling and verbal agreement are a reflex of the underlying doubling required for predication. I show that the patterns of variation in subject doubling follow from the same principles that capture focus particle doubling and negative concord, resulting in an analysis that is very similar to van Craenenbroeck and van Koppen (2002, 2005).