Okan Kubus, Elena Mpadanes & Stella von Randow (Hamburg)

Constructed Action (CA) in hearing late learners of German Sign Language (DGS) – Developing a sentence reproduction test (SRT)

This study aims to shed further light on hearing DGS-late learners’ capacity in recognizing and reproducing certain types and aspects of CA based on the studies of Fischer & Kollien (see a current short overview on CA in Fischer & Kollien, 2014). For this purpose, we designed the CA-SRT and to date recruited 20 participants studying DGS at college and university level. In our talk, we will both present our test findings and discuss the challenges we met when designing a sentence reproduction test specifically looking at CA.


Fischer, R. & Kollien, S. (2014). Constructed Dialogue und „die Hörenden” in DGS- Erzählungen (Teil I) [Constructed Dialogue and “the Hearing” in DGS narratives (Part I)]. Das Zeichen 28(98): 414–422.