Birgit Wirtz, MBA, Dipl. Ing.

Associate Director Global Material Development & Supply Baby Care at Procter & Gamble, Frankfurt, Germany

Birgit Wirtz is a senior female leader working 15 years in the consumer goods industry. Curiosity and enjoyment on taking up any challenge Procter & Gamble would offer her “in a man’s world” got her to the position as Associate Director within 12 years. Today she is leading an international organization of more than 40 people being responsible for close to 200 raw material supply points across the globe. Her organization is taking care of qualifications of new supply points, new innovative materials in the diaper industry and the respective quality assurance programs. Birgit comes with broad international experience, has lived in two continents and led innovation programs across the globe for Procter & Gamble.

Birgit comes with a comprehensive educational background. She is a certified industrial mechanic for machine and system technology, is holding a diploma in Mechanical Engineering and has got a MBA in International Management. She holds more than 20 product and process patents in the consumer goods and textile industry. Birgit is a passionate, innovative engineer with a heart for organizational development and committed to drive Diversity & Inclusion in the work place.

Birgit was born in Cologne and carries the spirit of the city and the passion for carnival around the world. She is happily married to Chris and a mother of three wonderful children Paul (11), Hannah (9) and Philipp (9).

“We know the importance of diversity in the workplace. That's why we attract, hire and keep diverse people on our team so that we can better understand our world and our consumers. To keep that talent here, we’re creating opportunities and investing in plans for hiring retaining, and developing them—to the executive level."
Diversity & Inclusion Company Policy of Procter & Gamble

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