Research topic:

"Ecophysiological characterization and modelling of macadamia orchards in Limpopo, South Africa"

Research foci:

  • Understanding the water use behavior of macadamia trees as a result of changes in microclimate and soil water content across seasons
  • Quantifying macadamia tree water use under different environmental conditions and for trees of different cultivars and ages
  • Identifying the most important drivers of macadamia tree transpiration
  • Exploring the effects of environmental factors and management interventions on the productivity and water use of macadamia orchards along an altitudinal gradient in Limpopo, South Africa
  • Developing and evaluating a macadamia tree transpiration model (under non-limiting water conditions) aiming at setting the upper limit of macadamia water use requirements in different environmental conditions
  • Improving water use efficiency of macadamia orchards through a better management of irrigation


  • M.SIA.P19M.Mp: Experimental Techniques in Tropical Agronomy
  • M.SIA.P22.Mp: Management of Tropical Plant Production Systems


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