Neha Kulshreshtha

I have recently joined Georg-August-University of Göttingen in April 2019 as a Research Associate and Ph.D. Student in the research project “(A)symmetry and movement in Spoken and Sign Languages”. I have done my M.Phil in Linguistics at the University of Delhi, India.

I became interested in sign languages during my masters in 2009 while doing a short term course in Indian Sign Language at the University of Delhi. After that, I decided to work on ISL linguistics, so my M.Phil dissertation was on “Wh- Questions in Indo-Pakistan Sign Language”. Since then, I have been involved in ISL research and the Indian Deaf community. Before joining this project, I was working as an Assistant Professor in the Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre, Delhi.

Till now, my area of research has been the syntax of ISL, but I am very interested in working in and learning different sign languages.