New article on the SignLab in the "Campuspost"
In scientific presentations or small talk: the hands, the upper part of the body and the face constitute the main articulators of the natural native languages of deaf people, the sign languages. About 80,000 deaf people live in Germany. At the Department of German Philology of the University of Göttingen, sign languages ​​are a main focus of linguistic research ... read more (in German).

New multimedia and multimodal learning platform for introductory courses in German Sign Language (DGS)
The German Department has been offering language-practical courses for the acquisition of German Sign Language (DGS) as a foreign language very successfully for years. In these introductory courses, practical language skills as well as basic knowledge of the grammar of DGS and the culture and history of deaf people in Germany are imparted. Therefore, in addition to written information, pictures and videos are essential both for a lexicon containing the basic vocabulary and for practical exercises. A team of deaf and hearing lecturers and students has now developed an interactive e-learning module for the DGS-1 courses, supported by the MWK funding program “Innovative Lehr- und Lernkonzepte: Innovation plus”. The e-learning module consists of four modules: lexicon, exercises, grammar and glossary. The new platform provides the students online with all materials relevant for this course matching the learning objectives of this introduction. During the development and implementation of the learning platform, the technical possibilities available in ILIAS were optimally used (for example flash cards with videos, interactive videos). A total of over 3,000 videos were produced and integrated in the individual learning modules. More information can be found here

12 PhD positions announced in the new Research Training Group "Form-meaning Mismatches"

More information can be found here

Presentation by Kate Davidson
kate On Wednesday, January 27, at 4 pm, Kate Davidson from Harvard University gave a presentation on "Context selection and alternatives in spatial grammar" in our linguistic colloquium. Kate presented exciting new ideas about the semantics and pragmatics of space in sign languages. Her presentation was interpreted into DGS. Almost 70 participants were virtually present!

Job advertisement
The linguistics sections of the Department of English and the Department of German at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen are looking to fill the position of a Research Assistant (PhD position) with 65% of the regular working hours and a limited contract of 3 years. This position should be filled by July 1, 2021. More information can be found here.