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Quality of studies: Suggestions - Ideas - Criticism

Welcome to the Ideas and Complaint Management

Students can find professional advice and information from us. The aim is to improve the study quality for everyone with the suggestions and tips of the students. If you have any questions, suggestions, problems or ideas, contact us!

Confidential advisor/Ombudsperson

The contact person for all students confidentially mediates between different university interest groups, checks and coordinates student proposals and seeks mutually acceptable solutions in conflict situations.

Complaint Management

Suggestions or criticism about study conditions or services? If you have any problems from your everyday studies, students can contact the complaint management. All matters are dealt with confidentially and quickly. It is also possible to only have the situation assessed.

Idea Competition for Students

The university is committed to excellent study conditions and promotes innovative ideas. Therefore, every year the university invites its students to contribute good ideas to improve the quality of their studies and also to win great cash and material prizes totaling up to EUR 1,250.

Creativity and Studies

Project in your head but no money? This program is aimed at all students who have interesting project ideas that go beyond the subject and who would like to implement it alone or in a team. The projects can be carried out with up to EUR 5,000 with other institutions or companies as well as internationally.