Music in the body – body in music: The body at the intersection of musical practice and discourse

International Conference 4th-6th September 2019

Despite the attention the body has received in the humanities, social and cultural studies as knowledge storage and transmitter, the body has not been available for a comprehensive concept of music in a musico-historiographical perspective. Corporeality has been considered in musicological approaches into affect, gender and performance. But a comprehensive theoretical grounding of a corporeal concept of music remains to be completed.

The conference aimed to join the discussions in the varying theoretical perspectives on the body and its present musicological currency. It will explore pathways into a fundamental debate on the body as a central musicological category, on the application on musical objects and practices and on the changes this brings to epistemic foundations of musicology.

The conference proceedings were edited by Dr. Christine Hoppe and Sarah Avischag Müller as part of the „Goettingen Studies in Musicology“ series. The publication may be accessed online: