Collection of Musical Instruments at the University of Göttingen

  • Opening times:
    Due to renovation, the collection is currently closed. There will also be no guided tours until further notice.

  • Contact persons:

    • Dr. Ryoto Akiyama, director of the collection
    • Xiaoyue Dai, student assistant
    • Ellimo Helmholz, student assistant

With its important collection of musical instruments the Department of Musicology at the University of Göttingen boasts a typologically, historically and cultural-geographically diversified special collection that shows the -- both material and spiritual -- cultural asset "musical instrument" in the abundance of its forms and in view of its cultural-historical interwovenness and its ties to specific socio-cultural contexts. Its inventory includes 2,144 musical instruments from around the world, but mainly specimens from Europe, Asia and Africa (including Ancient Egypt).