Information Systems Research (M.Sc.)

General information

Type of course Seminar
Term Every summer term
Credits 12 ECTS
Module M.WIWI-WIN.0032
Courses of study Master of Science in Business Information Systems (Seminar)
Master of Science in Marketing and E-Business (Elective Area)
Others upon request
Course language English
Examination Term paper, presentation
Instructor Prof. Dr. Manuel Trenz

Required application documents

  • Current grade excerpt from FlexNow
  • Filled application form (activated from March 1 - March 31)

Further notes

  • The applications are processed continuously
  • All term papers must be written in English

This semester, our Master seminar is supported by University Quality Funds (SQM). All topics available this semester include a literature review part and an empirical part. The empirical part will be an online experiment. With the help of SQM, we can offer students the following additional benefits:
  • Workshops on empirical research: Students will receive extensive training in collecting and analyzing quantitative data in two workshops.
  • Funded data collection: Students will receive funding for paying study participants

Current topics

Title Supervisor
Human vs. Algorithm – Individuals’ Preferences for Receiving Feedback Laura Schulze
What Matters Most? Success Factors for Workers on Digital Labor Platforms Laura Schulze
The Influence of Ethical Artificial Intelligence on Decision Making Maximilian Grüning
The Dual Effects of Explainability on Technostress and Downstream Consequences Maximilian Grüning
Investigating the Influence of Workers' Control over Monitoring Practices in the Gig Economy Jonas Nienstedt
The Influence of Platform Input Control Signals on User Conversion Jonas Nienstedt
Thinking Fast or Slow? The Importance of Automated and Deliberate Cognition When Guiding User Behavior Richard Henkenjohann
How Much Do Peers Influence Our Privacy Behavior? Richard Henkenjohann

A detailed description for each topic can be found here.

If you are interested in writing your seminar paper at the chair, please fill the application form and send your FlexNow grade sheet within the application period via e-mail to Laura Schulze.

Please do only apply when you are available at both, kick-off meeting and interim presentation. No exceptions (e.g. study term abroad, other appointments, holidays, etc.) will be permitted.

Further information can be found in eCampus.