2: Rangelands & Agroforestry

Work package 2 focuses on the delivery of multiple ecosystem services (ESs) of Limpopo‘s rangelands and agroforestry systems, and evaluates ecosystem stability in the face of climate change. To this end, space-for-time substitutions for climate change will be combined with field experiments to explore suitable management options. To fill research gaps from the first phase (project 'Limpopo Living Landscape'), a main focus will be put on the tree layer architecture. Beyond the land-use type related research of this work package, individual assessments of ES delivery from rangelands and agroforestry systems (this work package), arable land (work package 1) and orchards (work package 3) will be jointly analysed. This will help to understand the synergies and trade-offs between critical ESs delivered by Limpopo‘s multi-functional landscapes. The integrated assessment of ecosystem multi-functionality is essential for spatial upscaling and for the synthesis of work package 7.

1st Annual Meeting 2019

At the 1st Annual Meeting from September 9 to 13 2019 the different SALLnet working groups presented their progress reports and drew preliminary conclusions about their research.

WP 2 - How to manage a rangeland during and after drought?
By Anja Linstädter, Vincent Mokoka, Kai F. Behn, Edwin I. Mudongo & Jan C. Ruppert

first annual meeting WP2

Talking about management options: Important for drought mitigation is to avoid losing perennials and to be aware of overresting.

More information about the DroughtAct Experiment is available here.