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Newly appointed in Göttingen in October 2019: Dr. Jessica Löser

Jessica Löser has assumed the junior professorship "Inklusiver gymnasialer Fachunterricht" as of October 2019. Previously she taught and conducted research as a research assistant at the Leibniz Universität Hannover in the Department of Special Education, Institute of Inclusive School Development/Education for Learning Difficulties.

She was also working at the Universität Bielefeld in the Department of School development and School Research. Her PhD focused on linguistic and cultural diversity at schools in different national contexts. The question of how to support heterogeneous groups, particular in inclusive settings, remains within her field of research.

The current joint research project “ReLInk” (“Reflection, Achievement and Inclusion – Required Qualifications for a Reflective Way of Dealing with Achievement in Inclusive Secondary Schools”; duration 2017-2020) headed/managed by the colleagues of the University Frankfurt (Michael Urban & Jonas Becker), University of Bielefeld (Martin Heinrich & Ramona Lau) and University of Hannover (Rolf Werning & Ann-Kathrin Arndt) analyze the construction of achievement in inclusive settings in German secondary school (Gymnasien and Gesamtschulen). This research project is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Science. Additional to this field of interest, Jessica studies inclusive school and lesson development, including teacher collaboration, also through the lens of international comparisons.
In her seminars, one can find these different approaches as well. Research based questions are raised and related to actual school practices. Students can participate in many active ways. Specific answers for schools in the field of inclusion will be discussed in the context of these seminars.