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Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (self-portrayal)

Since the end of 1999, which marked the beginning of public promotion of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation as a foundation affiliated to the PDS [Party of Democratic Socialism, currently known as “DIE LINKE” (The Left)], the Foundation’s “Studienwerk” has awarded scholarships to students and doctoral candidates. The scholarships are granted to people committed to social justice, active democracy, the freedom of critical thinking and an environment worth living in. In so doing, the Foundation is guided by democratic socialism and internationalism, feminism, antifascism and anti-racism. Applicants should stand out by political and social commitment as well as academic excellence. The support provided to students includes both material and non-material assistance.


Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Liaison lecturers at Göttingen University:

Prof. Dr. Rainer W. Hoffmann (i.R.)
Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences
Institute of Sociology
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 3
37073 Göttingen