IV. Physikalisches Institut

Festkörper und Nanostrukturen

The IV. Physical Institute is devoted to fundamental research on solid state physics and nanostructures. Our experiments aim at a deep understanding of microscopic and quantum mechanical processes in metals and semiconductors.

We develop sophisticated nanostructure characterization methods with ultimate temporal and spatial resolution. We work on new functional materials for information technology and solid state lighting and we contribute to the further development of silicon based solar cells.

Our faculty participate with high commitment in lectures on undergraduate physics, as well as in advanced courses on solid-state physics and material science. Several advanced lab courses take place in our research laboratories, for example on ultra-short laser pulses, molecular beam epitaxy and the Quantum-Hall effect.


Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1
37077 Göttingen
Tel: 0551 / 39-24542
Fax: 0551 / 39-24560
E-Mail: physik4@uni-goettingen.de