Research groups

Prof. Dr. Claus Ropers

We study electronic effects and structural dynamics in condensed matter on a very short time scale. For this purpose, we develop sophisticated methods in ultrafast electron microscopy and electron diffraction. Furthermore, we are interested in the control and analysis of nonlinear optical processes in solid-state nanostructures.

Prof. Dr. Angela Rizzi

We investigate the epitaxial growth and the physical properties of low-dimensional semiconductors. Our main focus lies on GaN based heterostructures (e.g. for applications in solid state lighting) and on 2D-materials (e.g. topological insulators). Interface phenomena and nanostructures play an important role in our research.

Prof. Dr. Michael Seibt

We are mostly interested in semiconductors for photovoltaic applications. In particular, we pursue the analysis and quantitative modelling of defect reactions on the atomic scale. Based on this knowledge a successful defect engineering is feasible in these materials.

PD Dr. Martin Wenderoth

We develop and employ modern scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy to investigate complex structural and electronic properties of solids on the atomic scale.