Agata Renans (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Types of predicates (distributive vs. non-distributive) and theories of exhaustivity

In this talk, I will discuss the interaction of the exhaustive meaning with predicate type (distributive vs. non-distributive) and its consequences for theories of exhaustivity. Checking the predictions of theories with respect to the interpretation of the predicate is generally an overlooked empirical domain in the literature, although it allows one to distinguish between theories that otherwise make similar predictions. In this talk, I will examine in details the homogeneity approach to the exhaustivity of clefts (Büring & Kriz 2013, Kriz 2016 and Kriz 2017) and Min/Max approach to exclusives (Coppock & Beaver 2013) and it-clefts (Velleman et al. 2012).