Description of activities as project coordinator:

  1. Responsible for managing EFForTS office and its staff at IPB University, Bogor
  2. Responsible for the financial management that includes Budget planning and controlling of finances in Indonesia, budget coordination with CRC office in Jambi and Göttingen, supervise the daily financial flow, monthly financial reporting and quarterly fund request to Göttingen, financial reporting to IPB
  3. Responsible for organization and documentation of Visa and research permits
  4. Actively supporting the coordination between counterpart, support of drafting counterpart agreements (CPAs), annual evaluation of CPAs
  5. Responsible for stakeholder cooperation and networking
  6. Responsible for knowledge transfer and publication relation
  7. Reponsible for initiation and organization of seminars for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, counterparts, stakeholders, EFForTS workshops
  8. Management of Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) research funds