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Fachbereich GM 32_EN Energie

The Energy Controller in the Technical Building Management Department is available to answer all fundamental and complex questions about the economical use of the following resources:

  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Water
  • Air conditioning

  • The Energy Controller is the central contact person for receiving suggestions from the on-site Energy Officers and is closely involved in all activities to do with energy control.

    The individual tasks and objectives of the Energy Control Department include:

  • Analysis of energy data
  • Reporting
  • Compiling specific parameters
  • Efficiency analyses of energy technology
  • Supporting facility planning and facility management with energy-related questions
  • Load management
  • User advice service
  • Tracing faulty switching in technical control elements

  • Alongside the economical use of resources and the accompanying reduction in emissions, we also naturally focus on making financial savings.