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Online lectures and courses
How can I participate?

How can you sign up for lectures/courses? What do you need for studying online?

The following information is intended to help you participate in (online) lectures and courses.

eCampus? - Online University!

  • Online university eCampus

    How to login? What functions does eCampus provide? - Getting to know the email account, Stud.IP and FlexNow

Stud.IP? - Lectures and study material!

  • Participating in (online) lectures:
    Part 1

    Introduction into Stud.IP

  • Participating in (online) lectures:
    Part 2

    Finding and registrating for lectures and courses in Stud.IP

  • Participating in (online) lectures:
    Part 3

    How can I participate in lectures? Where do my lectures take place?

UniVZ? - Overview of your study programme!

  • Which lectures does my study programme include?

    Finding lectures, courses and module catalogues in UniVZ (in German)