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Current graduate survey

The survey of the examination year 2022 (graduation in the period 01.10.2021 to 30.09.2022) has just started. A total of 3,855 graduates are invited to participate in the survey. The participation rate in the survey is currently 26.67%. Thank you very much for this. Participation in the survey is still possible until 31.08.2023.

Dear graduates,

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the survey.
You can agree or disagree with the current data protection regulations at the beginning of the survey and then participate in the survey. The PIN gives you the option to pause the survey and complete it at a later time. However, the PIN also prevents unauthorised persons from accessing the survey. The survey takes about 20 minutes on average.

You can access the survey of graduates of the 2022 examination year by clicking on the link to the survey with your individual PIN from the invitation to the survey.

Survey period
The survey will take place between 01.06. and 31.08.2023.

Use of the survey results
The results of the graduate survey are used for quality assurance of study programmes and advisory services at the university. They are also used in the course of intern accreditation in the quality rounds of the faculties.

The survey itself will be conducted using Tivian XI GmbH (formerly Questback) survey software, certified according to German security standards and tested by the university's data protection officer.

Data protection
The survey is voluntary and used entirely anonymously in the analysis. Here are no negative consequences for you if you choose not to take part in the survey. You can take a break from completing the survey at any time and continue by logging in again to the survey with your individual access code. If you have questions concerning data protection, please contact the data protection officer of the University of Göttingen at: Your contacts are Prof. Dr. Wiebe and Mr. Hallaschka. You can find the postal address on the website of the data protection officer.