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The faculty in Göttingen is the only Faculty of Theology in Lower Saxony and in the area of the united churches in Lower Saxony (Brunswick, Hanover, Oldenburg, Schaumburg-Lippe and the Church of Bremen) and as such is still regarded as being the State faculty.

The training for the ministry (Theology M.A.) is a pillar of its training programme, accompanied by teacher training for secondary schools / comprehensive schools (two-subject B.A. followed by a Master of Education M.Ed.) and vocational schools (Business Education).

For several years, the Faculty of Theology, in collaboration with the "University of Applied Sciences for Intercultural Theology" (FIT) in Hermannsburg, has been offering a study programme in English for a Master`s degree in Intercultural Theology.

The Ph.D. programme offers its graduates the acquisition of a "Dr.theol." – this is the only location in Lower Saxony where this award is offered. Doctoral students and other post-docs are supported in all disciplines by expert and individual supervision (colloquia and partnerships); the Theological Faculty works closely in this field with the Graduate School of Humanities in Göttingen (GSGG).

The Theological Stift and the study houses of the Protestant churches of Hanover (eshg), Brunswick and Bremen provide students with accommodation and special forms of living and learning communities.

More information about studying at the Faculty of Theology is available from the "Information days for prospective students" at the university (in March) and the "Campus Day" (in June), and from the office of the Faculty`s Dean of Studies - Contact: Dr. Frank Schleritt,, Phone: +49 551 / 39-27110.

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