Digitisation initiative for small to medium enterprises as response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the current corona crisis, a new dynamic has entered into digitization processes across all sectors of the economy: from trade and commerce to crafts and industry, the necessity of digital solutions is increasingly becoming a question of survival. Many business models that were based solely on physical commitment must now be expanded to digital platforms in order to remain competitive. In addition, many students have lost their part-time jobs and currently cannot gain valuable practical experience in companies. The goal of our initiative is to bring together the needs of companies and students. We want to support small and medium-sized companies in overcoming the challenges with digital solutions by providing skilled student IT personnel.

Together with the SüdniedersachsenInnovationsCampus (SNIC) we bring together students of economics and business*. These cooperations enable companies to master their current challenges on the one hand, and on the other hand offer students the opportunity to earn academic credits and gain practical experience by working on a practice-oriented project.

We currently offer the following topics (the list is updated regularly):

  • Methods of machine learning and predictive modeling for more effective communication via digital customer touchpoints

Cooperation between students and companies can be done as part of the following five variants:

  • Internship of at least 170 hours (corresponds to 6 ECTS*)
  • Bachelor thesis with a duration of 12 weeks
  • Master thesis with a duration of 6 months
  • Project studies over 1-2 semesters with 2-5 master students (18 ECTS)
  • Seminar papers (Bachelor or Master) with a duration of 12 week
  • Master seminar with a duration of 12 weeks (12 ECTS)

For final theses there is the possibility to receive a grant of 400€ per thesis from SNIC. More information on possible SNIC cooperations can be found in the following document:

Interested students can apply by e-mail, stating their skills and knowledge, without obligation. The desired format, the relevant qualification and the desired scope or availability should be indicated.

The chair team will arrange a first meeting between students and companies. In case of mutual interest the chair will scientifically supervise the cooperation.

* In addition to companies, cooperation can also take place with public institutions and other organizations (associations, societies)