EWHA-UGOE Scholarship Exchange Programme (EGSEP)

The EWHA-UGOE Scholarship Exchange Programme (EGSEP) with EWHA Womans University, Seoul, aims at promoting the interest in the Korean culture and was donated by the Göttingen alumna Mrs Prof. Chung-Ok Kim. Two scholarships per semester are available for excellent bachelor and master students of the University of Göttingen who participate in the exchange programme with the EWHA Womans University. The application is organised within the framework of the Global Exchange Programme Göttingen International.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Scholarship holders receive a subsistence allowance of KRW 6,000,000 per semester, which is paid out in South Korea by the EWHA Womans University.

Application Documents and Deadlines
If you are interested, please contact Dr. Maren Büttner (contact data see page column).